Human resource dissertation topics

Just like any other field, human resources has several topics students can write dissertations. Gaining the rewards from dissertation topics in the same field calls for extensive knowledge and research in concern areas. To achieve consistency with grades, you have to reassess your capabilities in writing a dissertation that can capture your readers' attention. Doing so calls for identifying the best writing topics. Narrowing down to the human resource field, you will understand the need for these topics in simply writing a dissertation. Check out for human resource dissertation topics that you need to cover.

Organizational culture human resource dissertation topics

  • The effects of corporate culture in implementing succession planning
  • The relationship between organizational culture and program evaluation in a human service organization
  • The impact of administrative culture management of knowledge
  • The effects of six sigma methodology in organizational culture
  • The impact of the organizational culture of creating job satisfaction
  • The duties of organizational culture in engaging employees
  • The possibility of a relationship between corporate culture and leadership  

Strategic human resource management dissertation ideas

  • The essence of planned management of human resources in an organization
  • Examining the relationship between strategic human resource management and business strategy
  • Understanding the relationship between a growth mindset framework and strategic human resource management
  • The essence of human resource management in managing change
  • Essential pros of strategic human resource management
  • The importance of retention and onboarding in strategic HRM

Risk management human resource dissertation topics 

  • The effects of information technology improvement on the management of industrial risks
  • The link between people and risk management
  • The position of human resource risk management in enhancing production
  • The match between human resources and the management of risks
  • Protection of data as a section of a way of managing risks in human resources

Employee relations human resource dissertation ideas

  • The globalization effects on the policy of employment relations
  • The impact of engaging employee on the loyalty of consumers
  • Factors that affect the decision of employees in leaving employment
  • The essence of digital presence in improving relations among employees
  • Development and learning as sources of employee relations
  • Understanding the workplace flexibility concept and its effect on the organization and employee performance.

Training and development of human resource management dissertation topics

  • The relationship between individual and organizational learning
  • The role of lack of development and learning on the decision of employee quitting a job
  • The link between learning activities and competence development of organizations

Employee motivation human resource dissertation topics

  • The function of employee motivation about levels of retention
  • The function of motivation in reducing the turnover of employees
  • The role of positive environments of work in motivating employees


The above topics are incredibly the best for every student undertaking the human resource field. However, there are many other essential topics you can always rely on to write my dissertation flawlessly. The central idea is to focus on specific issues and identify the best subjects that will enable researching a simple way. Remember that a poor choice of topics can provide you a hard time writing a dissertation on human resources.  


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