Simple Manual On How To Write a Conclusion For a Dissertation

The final part of your dissertation is the conclusion. Instead of jumping for joy students often feel deflated by this time. They have spent months or depending on the level of study years writing a dissertation and now you have got to go back over the mountain of work that you have written and round everything up. The last hurdle is always the hardest to jump over, but once you are over it you can celebrate. If you are finding it difficult to write dissertation conclusions and you want to know how to write a dissertation conclusion, here are some helpful hints to get you started.

  • Restate your thesis: Refrain from copy and pasting your thesis statement into this section. Instead you should rewrite it. Think about it like this, in your introduction you wrote “I will be arguing that…” and in your conclusion, you are going to write, “I have argued that……” The purpose of the conclusion is to show that through your results you have supported your main argument.
  • Discuss the importance of your topic: This does not mean that you put a crown on your work and label it as the greatest piece of work that has ever been written! What it means is that you talk about why it was important that you chose to write about this subject. What does it mean to your field of study? Or to society in general? Essentially you should state why your argument was significant, how it can increase knowledge in your discipline and what position it can take within debates in the field.
  • Suggestions for future research: One of the aims of your conclusion is to elicit an emotional response from the reader. By discussing areas for future research, you give your audience something to think about.
  • Go out with a bang: The last line of your dissertation should really give your reader something to think about. You should end it either with an illustrative example of your argument or with a succinct quote. This will allow you to make your point in a way that is stylistically effective.

What not to do: There are several things that you absolutely should not do when writing a conclusion. These include:

  • Ending with a cliffhanger: You are not writing a romance novel with a part two. The main aim of your dissertation is to prove or disprove a point and this is what you need to convey.
  • Adding new information: This will only confuse your readers.
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